Tent Pagoda 3x3 m.

The price includes a frame, a roof, 4 walls and a set of fasteners.

- Roof slope: variable from 18 to 70 degrees (pagoda roof)

- Unsupported wall width: 3 meters.

- Wall height: base 2.2 meters. Any at will

- PVC treatment: anti-rot on both sides and with UV protection.

- PVC flammability group: G4, G3, G1 to choose from. The price is changing.

- Roof sheet tension: power screw.

- Awning covering of a roof/walls: the reinforced PVC material.

- Density of PVC material: 650 g/m² (high density).

- Connections: galvanized.

Selling: 172 000 RUB/tent.

Renting: 11 000 RUB/24 h.